Ginger and Lemon might just be the best medecine for cold!

Ginger and Lemon might just be the best medecine for cold!

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    jysnow, 謝謝意見。我沒想過台灣也有近似的用語,不知「多退少補」一語有多少年歷史?在香港,「多除/隨少補」少說也有六七十年歷史。一般用法,譬如幾個朋友一起到餐廳喫茶,其中一人放下款項先走。由於有些菜式共用,因此放下的款項與實際所需或有出入。此時,放下款項者一般會說「多除/隨少補」。è‹¥「除」單純指扣除,那這種說法似是多餘。è‹¥「除」指扣除後的餘款要退回,那豈不是說「多了請退款,不夠就由你補貼」,讓朋友吃虧?所以「除」應該是「隨」才合理,多了的話,餘款給你;少了的話,由你補貼。這樣才比較公平。當然,這只是我個人理解,說不得準的。

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    Marco63 · giovedì, 13 dicembre 2012, 6:41 pmIo a votare ci sarò. Per una sanità laica e pubblica.Non dimentichiamoci che se Monti vincerà invece le prossime elezioni generali, la sanità non sarà né laica ne’ confessionale, ma americana, cioè basata sulle assicurazioni private.E chi non se la potrà permettere, crepi pure.

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    You got me with your opening…I, too, went to JHS 109 and graduated from Martin Van Buren HS in Queens. Harvey and Bonniie may be a bit older than I am but I have been hearing about more and more of my neighbors doing great things in life. Humble beginnings, motivated children, and creative, successful lives. Thanks for sharing.

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    I simply couldn’t go away your website prior to suggesting that I really loved the standard info an individual supply for your guests? Is going to be back frequently in order to inspect new posts

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    Love the poppy dress and jacket ensemble, it's great to be able to wear a piece of history!Glad you had a good sale, it's a pain in the arse when you have to bring everything back home again!

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    Beautiful post, Linda. I know that some people believe it’s time to let it go, but I think it’s something important for us to always remember, not only for the victims and their families, but to remember how fragile life is.

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    Es wäre schön wenn man die Bilder einmal im Original sehen könnte.Die Verschachtelungen der fein nuancierten Farben verschaffen einen beeindruckenden Ausdruck des visuellen Geschehens.

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    Pure love, Spirit, supernatural, personal god, very well! So why is melinda’s “pure love, supernatural, personal god”, the only true god and why is not a Shinto, Buddhist, COnfucsian, Bahai, Zorastrian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Druze, Christian’s “pure love, spirit, supernatural, personal god”, the real god! Why should their “faith” be any less real ?Support this comment 0

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    WC,you Wrote,—————————————————————————————————————————————————-Does he agree that families come in all shapes and sizes? Is he for unlimited immigration of unskilled and uneducated immigrants? Does he agree with the dumbing down of our education system with courses in elementary school on cultural values, etc etc. taking time from the 3 Rs?—————————————————————————————————————————————————-Maybe, but simply posting a couple clips from a movie like ideocracy wouldn’t convince me to oppose Obama, if I didn’t already. Could you site at least one reputable source to back up your claim? That would make your argument much more convincing.

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    Wasn’t there an evil Klingon warrior-princess named Froma Harrop on Star Trek? This one obviously came from the future to subjugate the human race. Ignore her unless her battle cruiser lands, un-cloaked, at Boeing Field.

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    btw, i dreamt that we bumped into each other and I was so excited that I will finally see your board in person. only, you brought your old board when you had less pedals … so disappointing. needless to say, it was a nightmare!!! haha

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    Like it will never go away – and I can’t see myself living a normal life with a normal job. And then i got depressed by that and now i just started on medication. And it just feels like I’m the only one in the hole world that is feeling that way, even though i know I’m not alone.(Sorry if my english is a little of)But really – Go talk to somebody, a psychologist or something. It really helps just to get it out!!

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    Yes, it does, thank you. Apart from the science, it helps me trust old recipes more; whenever I have a confusing moment like this, I remember my grandmother’s oven, no thermostat, no fan, no thermometer, batter mixed with a wooden spoon in a bowl – and boy, you took a bite and you were in heaven.

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    thank you very much but i really wasn’t wearing much, I was really tanned and a tincy bit sun burnt – hence the rosy cheeks, I just accentuated it with Bobbi Browns cream colour stick in Dusty Mauve (A holy grail of mine for the summer) I think I used bourjois bronzing shimmer too.. its the gold one that looks like chocolate.

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    Awesome bedtime reading. Some interesting dreams ahead!One personal addition to the story: The new cargo trains networking the globe are hitting speeds that cut travel times to near optimal lows. Global post is buttressed by frequent daily drops. An item manufactured in the Far East can reach Paris by lunch time. Imagine ordering something from eBay and it is received from Malaysia within hours.

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    Great questions. Here are a few more that I use.‘What does my reaction to this situation reveal about myself and my motives?’‘What price am I paying by labeling this situation as difficult? How might I act differently if I viewed this situation as positive?’‘In what ways am I becoming stronger? How can I get the support I need right now?’And if worse comes to worse….‘What would Buffy the Vampire Slayer do?’

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    Daemonwulf, how would you like the copy? I can send it in epub format, Word, or prc. As far as what you post at PEN, the comments are deserved. I really enjoy what you write.You are extremely talented and are a visceral delight to read.

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    – That’s so awesome that you got to give your parents such a lovely surprise!Ronnie xoNovember 8, 2012 – 4:51 am[]Chantel Reply:November 9th, 2012 at 7:40 amYes, it was a lot of fun, and the tears that welled up in my Dad’s eyes were so worth the secrets![]

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    Der Kuchen sieht unheimlich lecker aus. Was du immer hast, die Bilder sehen doch gut aus! Wenn ich annähernd so Bilder hinbekommen würde bräuchte ich mind. doppelt solang wie für den Kuchen :DMein absoluter Lieblingskuchen ist ein einfacher Möhrenkuchen (manchmal sind eben die einfachen Dinge die richtig guten)Liebe Grüße

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    Great give3away – I would love some Aurifil and one of your sewing kits!! I've been doing the Zakka Style Sew-Along and love the projects but just wish there were more visuals (I'm a visual learner). Thanks for the chance!

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    February 13th, 2008 at 10:35 amCouldn’t have been a local.Any good Bloomies regular knows that the furs are cabled.________________________________________________I don’t know grim. It could have been a local gang–the Short Hills Crips? The Milburn MS-13? It seems that gangs are everywhere nowdays . . .

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    Along with what I responded at Google+, another comment or two.That trailer was indeed a classic. Much fun!No mention of the crop-duster chase? Maybe unnecessary; even people who haven’t seen the movie probably know about it. But I wonder how well you think it works compared to other pursuits in Hitchcock films. Maybe it looks more striking than it actually feels? I’d have to watch it again before I could say.

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    At least you’re calling AAA instead of AA. My AAA card has been a lifesaver in so many ways – I too am plagued with the automotive misfortunes. It’s a shame.. I’m hoping my karma will make it up to me (and you) in other ways! Miss you!

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    Nicole – Dawn and Roger you clearly have the magic touch and artful eye to capture our son Braydon at the perfect moment. Yes it made our heart melt seeing these photos I cried all over again. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover how we feel about our experience with your studio. Nicole

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    a. There is no “hatred” evidenced on this blog (there is some hateful stuff from the Zionist apologists who comment, but the poverty of their rhetoric is hardly the blog’s fault).b. Nobody is demonizing individual Israelis, just the policies of the governments they elect.c. No, McCarthyism used the authority of the state to repress dissent (rather like Israel does…). The international BDS movement has no state authority, and relies only on grass-roots people’s organizations.

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    Those all sound good! I liked what I made as well, but I still have a ton more to cook from it. I liked that every recipe used pretty typical ingredients and seemed pretty simple/quick to make. It was the opposite of daunting.BTW: I too would interpret “one shallot” as being the whole shallot.

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